Assessment Centre

The Assessment is an effective evaluation method aimed at bringing out the skills, abilities and behavioural styles that people implement at work.

Participants receive the same opportunities to demonstrate their skills, thanks to standardized situations.

During the Assessment, the use of several observatories and observation techniques guarantees a comparison, which reduces the error inherent in the evaluation process.

In order to be transparent, the results obtained are shared with the participants.

This is a valid tool for:

  • The assessment of potential.
  • Individual development in the role.
  • Support for career progression.
  • Selection processes.

The Assessment can be used to evaluate groups of candidates or individual candidates.

Group Assessment

The Group Assessment is used to evaluate groups of people in selection and potential assessment processes.

The Group Assessment will be designed using different types of tools, according to the skills to be evaluated.

Individual Assessment

The Individual Assessment is an evaluation methodology aimed at the individual, preferred to the Group Assessment when candidates cannot be placed in group situations:

  • Presence of Managers that need to remain anonymous.
  • When there are not enough candidates.
  • When the candidates have high levels of technical specialization.

The Individual Assessment will be designed using different types of tools depending on the skills to be evaluated.

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