Head Hunting

We focus on Search, Selection and Head-Hunting of Middle and Top profiles.

We support our Clients in identifying and hiring the best Resources for strategic roles, through our extensive Database, Search and Selection skills, and the use of proprietary and innovative Techniques and Methodologies.


Strategy Consulting projects with the aim of mapping the organizational architecture of a Company, verify the composition of its Human Resource Structure and probe the real willingness to change of the required professional profiles. We provide a comprehensive and up-to-date perspective of the professional profiles in a specific market sector, offering relevant information to support decision-making processes.


Individual or Group Assessment is an effective method to identify the competencies, skills and behavioral style of people in the workplace. The results obtained are transparently shared with participants and it is a valuable tool for the evaluation of potential, individual development in the role, support for career growth, and in Search and Selection processes.

Personality test

The Aptitude Tests and Tools are divided by objective and aim at supporting the Company in the process of analyzing the Candidate and are used mainly to: understand the personal behavior, highlight professional aptitudes, identify strengths and weaknesses of the profile, so to foster the potential and address the areas of improvement.

Business Coaching

It is an Interactive Process that supports the Candidate in gaining greater self-awareness and/or overcoming barriers to performance improvement, with a mindset and behavioral approach targeted on the professional activity. The learning of “How to do” and “How to be” provided by Coaching occurs by applying core competencies, including: Communication, Execution and Leadership.

Career Consulting

Career Counseling is a Professional Support based on a program of individual meetings, and is structured on the basis of the specific needs of each single Candidate. Once results and motivations are defined and agreed, all the aspects of active professional search and facets of psychological nature required to improving working condition are addressed.

HR Management

Tailor&Fox’s Partners have developed cross-functional strategic skills in various Business and HR Management roles, therefore they’re qualified to support Client Companies to achieve shared strategic objectives, including: Training and Development of Resources, evaluation of Reward Systems, Cost and Strategy Analysis, and definition of Career Plans.