Aptitude Tests

How could I measure the suitability of my Collaborator for a new position in an objective way?

Giving a new job to an internal resource is a delicate choice that requires objective tools such as TESTS and APTITUDE TOOLS, that Tailor&Fox administers thanks to its team of qualified Psychologists and also with the support of Partnerships consolidated over time.

The TESTS and the APTITUDE TOOLS are divided by type, supporting the Company in the decision making.

TESTS and APTITUDE TOOLS allow you to:

  • Estimate Candidates behaviour.
  • Highlight attitudes of the Candidate from a professional point of view.
  • Make positive and critical sides of the Profile emerge in order to maximize the prior and manage the areas of improvement.

Availables in 16 languages.

The test requires 30 minutes of your time.

Do you think it is a reasonable investment to be successful?