Industry 4.0

Thanks to new technologies, Industries are changing:

  • They are more and more automated
  • They are digital and interconnected
  • They transfer and analyse data
  • They generate self-learning processes

Inside and outside the Company and along the Supply Chain, man and machine interaction is becoming clear and immediate, using new languages and augmented reality.

It is possible to get many data about the production (scraps, times, energy used etc.), to generate new efficiency and improve the effectiveness.

The Labour Market is already changing and it will be deeply transformed; the first signs have already been seen, and not only in IT.

What are the Key Figures in the Industry 4.0?

Big Data Analyst

He uses his IT & Analytical skills in the Business service, in order to transfer his knowledge needs to Company Management.

Data Engineer

Through iterative data analyse processes, he develops solutions to support operators, designers and planners also involving Clients and Providers.

Industrial Controller

He is involved in Budgeting and Forecasting activities, industrial costs analysis, outlays, drafting provisional summaries about margins and incidence of direct costs, efficiency performance analysis and comparison.

Operation Manager

He oversees the most traditional machines and activities of the department, with the task to implement and reinforce main 4.0 technologies and their development.

Automation Software Planner

He plans and develops applications for the control and supervision of new plants. He improves new functions for production, through the analysis of existing plants.

Project Manager

He is employed as a Search & Development Manager in a plant engineering Company, he projects and installs machines and plants for Clients’ automation processes.

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