The European Legislation on the Treatment of Sensitive Data began on May 25, 2018 with important news. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation.

Complete text of European Legislation GDPR click here

The new legal text UE/2016/679 substitutes the old one 95/46/CE

Among the changes introduced by the Legislation, there are new professional figures who will forcefully enter the job market:

DPO – Data Protection Officer

Data Protection Officer is a consultant leading the Data Controller (The Company) in order to observe the new GDPR Legislation. DPO is regulated by the articles 37, 38 e 39 of European Legislation.

DPO is the reference figure for the Evaluation of Data Managements Risks and he constantly interfaces with Privacy Warrantor.

Even if a DPO Association which officially certifies this professional figure does not exist, we could easily say the DPO should have skills in legal and IT matters.

Main characteristics of the relation between DPO and the Company are:

  • Autonomy
  • Independence in the activity
  • A long term contract (at least 3 years and renewable)
  • DPO’s job cannot be contested

Manager Privacy

A Privacy Manager is a professional figure designated to control and observe whether or not the Treatment Data Processes is right. The Privacy Manager leads the Company to coordinate all people involved and guarantees that a high level of Data Protection is maintained.

Esperto Privacy

A Privacy Expert, or Privacy Specialist, collaborates with the Privacy Manager and guarantees the correct implementation of the procedures; the Privacy Expert works in an operational way during the Treatment Data Process.

The UNI EN Regulation about GDPR  – UNI 11697:2017 –  is an useful instrument for the Company to be better oriented in the law text and to observe it.

Operatore Privacy

A Privacy Operator, or Privacy Assessor is a professional figure independent of all the others and his job is to examine the process periodically and to communicate his positive opinion; otherwise, if something in the processes is wrong he activates the rights corrections.

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