Why choose Tailor&Fox to find the ideal candidate for your position?

  • Accuracy: We use specialized tools and methodologies.
  • Flexibility: We adapt our strategies and processes according to the customer’s needs.
  • Internationality: We carry out research both in the national territory and abroad.
  • Quality: Our team is composed of qualified Consultants.
  • Confidentiality: The Client Company is not exposed directly and the Candidate is free to discuss.
  • Speed: We present the shortlist of the final candidates within 3 weeks.

Our Search and Selection process involves the following steps:

  • Meeting with the Client, analysis of the job profile, of the context and corporate culture.
  • Studying and defining of the different Search strategies.
  • Drafting Italian and English job positions on the main dedicated web-sites.
  • Recruiting through: screening, database, network, direct search, mapping.
  • Telephone and individual interviews.
  • Constant updating of the Client Company and the Candidate.
  • Reports in Italian and in English on Candidates’ profiles.
  • Supporting the contact between the Candidate and the Company.
  • Managing economical and contractual aspects of the job placement.
  • Follow up: we follow the Candidate placement in the Company for the first months.

Do you think about a Company reorganization?

Some tools can help you.

How much does it cost to hire a resource in the Company?

If the Company decides to carry out an internal Search and Selection Process, an internal Resource will spend a lot of time on this and, in this way, will disregard some usual activities which cannot be delegated.

What is the return of this investment? 

In addition to these questions, we want to focus your attention on what would happen if there was an error in the Search and Selection process.

How much does it cost to the Company hire an inappropriate Candidate?

  • Training courses and coaching. The correct job placement can last several months.
  • Employee settlement costs (labor consultant, conciliation fees, handling of the case, disputes on dismissals, etc.).
  • Time and resources to hire the candidate and then renew the research and selection project.
  • Economic damage: Employee salary, dissatisfied customers and lost turnover over time or delays in Company processes.


The best way to complete the Search and Selection process is to delegate it to a specialized Company like Tailor&Fox that, thanks to the long experience of its Partners and Consultants, searches for the “perfect match” between the Company and the Candidate with a targeted, timely and success oriented process.


Do you have an open position or are you thinking about a reorganization in your Company?