Search, Selection and Head-Hunting of Executive Profiles are Tailor&Fox main activities.

Thanks to some Partnership consolidated over time, we can support our Customers with high value services.

Career Advice is a professional support service for Career Development, which produces the following main results:

  • Candidate Job Profile development.
  • Reporting of new job opportunities.
  • Support to the Company on Resource outplacement.
  • Support to the Candidate on negotiations and on Job Placement in new company.

Career Advice Service includes individual meetings and is structured to function for the specific needs of the Candidate. According to Candidate motivations, we will deal with both topics of active search for new job opportunities and psychological matters that are preparatory for a long-term and general improvement of the Candidate’s working conditions.

A broad-based and strategical subject for the Company. The main aspects are:

  • Training and Development of Internal Resources.
  • Evaluation of Reward Systems.
  • Costs and Strategies evaluation.
  • Defining Career plans.
  • Succession plans of the key figures in the Company.

Tailor&Fox, through accredited and authorized partners, offers Labour and Employment Advice, for Italian and International Clients, accompanying the client during the hiring phase until the termination of the employment relationship, also in the context of litigation.

Tailor&Fox provides assistance in Labour Relations by supporting HR Managers, Directors and Entrepreneur in relations with internal and external Trade Union Organizations. We also support the Companies in the management of corporate welfare plans, reconciliation of work-life balance, second level agreements for productivity, regulations and any activity related to Trade Union Organizations.

We carry out the Mapping of the organizational structure of the Company, we verify the composition of the organization chart and we investigate the willingness to change of the different professional figures.

We are able to provide a complete and current vision of the professionalities present in a specific reference market, offering detailed information and support to decision making.

An expansion or a reduction of the organization chart gives rise to a reorganization process, aimed at maximizing the investment and the Human Resources management.

Sometimes you may need to move a Resource to a different position in the organization chart. These are complex decisions that require specific action criteria.

Tailor&Fox, with its partners, supports Companies in structuring “Smart” methods of the work performance that allows employees to work outside the Company’s environment. These methods require a careful analysis of the workplace, of the relationship between Manager and Employee as well as an analysis of the Company’s technological and cultural system.

The importance of keeping valid collaborators in the Company suggests an efficient system to develop people’s skills. Constant growth and training are essential to reinforce the engagement between Resource and Company. For example, the phenomenon of Digital Transformation has made the alignment of skills with the evolution of the Business even more strategic.

We can organize, together with our Partners, training courses to offer to the Company useful and extremely practical support. The subjects concern the entire HR world, from Research and Selection to Resource Management.

Tailor&Fox, with its Partners, supports Companies that want to develop corporate Welfare Plans, providing employees and their families with goods and / or services with a social and educational relevance, that do not impact to employment income and that will be taxable deductible for Companies.

Welfare Plans are highly strategical because they encourage the fidelity of human resources, as well as optimizing Company’s costs.